Corporate Health Programs-Personalized with Biometrics & DNA

Measurable Corporate Health Programs….and We Get Very Personal…
Personalized corporate health with biometrics and genomic testing
We Get VERY Personal – Add biometrics by incentivizing with wearable technology + Genomic Testing……Very Personal

Corporate health programs taking people through their own individualized process to live a more mindful life of disease prevention / management, we have successfully coached both corporate and personal clients to a liberating life of health and exhilaration, to the very core, which we call cellular fitness. Respecting  parameters of time, affordability, medical challenges & fulfillment, we  define  realistic, implementable, sustainable goals … ensuring the creation of health centric, enjoyable & rewarding lifestyle choices…personalized to their own unique physiological & environmental demands


 “Personalization is the secret sauce to wellness programs “    – Corporate Health Magazine




Personalizing corporate wellness with genomics Best in Corporate Health
Genomic Testing – Personalizing the Health Process…right down to our DNA

Personalized Corporate Health Processes

Our job is to find the right combination of health services to fit your budget,  employees needs, schedules…..We are your health concierge….

  • Health Risk Assessment & Corporate Culture Assess.
  • Customized live, interactive webinars
  • Digital Health & Wellness platform
  • Course Development – HRA & CCA included
  • Wearable technology measuring the most biomarkers
  • And Fall 2017, Genomic Testing. Decipher the DNA  maximizing health  centric choices…even disease treatment options


“Both participants and nonparticipants agreed that wellness programs need to incorporate a personalized, customized approach.70% of employee participants reported that their company’s offering is an indicator that their employer cares about them. The real differentiator between successful and failed wellness programs may be whether they deliver on the emotional level as well as the physical. It’s an important distinction.”

-Harvard Business Review


Incentivizing with health tracking….building the corporate health culture with wearable devices. The most extensive health tracking device available at below wholesale cost with HRA,  hours of live interactive webinars and coaching, at NO extra cost……..

+   Add  Genomic Testing…….it is just not possible to get more personal…..

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” -World Health Organization


Personalized Wellness Programs……We Get Very Personal….Right Down to the DNA

Fall 2017: Incentivizing with Wearable Technology   ⦾  Genomic Testing

Incorporating employees own biometrics and DNA into our HRA & CCA…..

we just can’t get more personal…….

The best way to incentivize employees. People love wearable technology. Using the wearable device providing scientific accuracy on more biomarkers than any other device allows integration into our HRA, creating the most customized & specific wellness programs and coaching. Real health analytics, with health tracking that people love, providing proactive health and chronic disease management. Studies providing proving the success of wearable technology in the workplace, increasing employee satisfaction. productivity, employee engagement and of course employee health.

Health tracking is the most motivating, effective form of  health support. It is devastating when articles knock them, even if unintentionally. Not all forms of health tracking are equal in terms of data  or capabilities. However, fitness trackers are powerful, and even if certain trackers may slack in certain areas – an all or none approach in anything, loses many people.

  • Measures the more biomarkers than any device: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Breath Rate, Mood, Energy, Sleep
  • Steps, Distance….all of these are covered with thorough analyses
  • Ability to perform an ECG EKG
  • Daily/Weekly/ Monthly Reporting
    • Germanium plates – more studies continually showing  to have extensive health benefits
    • Open api……very first, only device, allows the addition of other plugins -one can even write their own app
    • A  store – download apps and plugins to further customize and add value to your own device
    • Oxygen in the blood
    • Temperature in the blood
    • An SOS panic button with GPS tracking
    • Calories
    • more features being added soon (Blood Glucose monitoring, Blood Alcohol monitoring & Mosquito Shield)…these will be downloadable – no need for new device
    • Full Communication with phones and social media
    • with user approval, shares data with up to 20 others (parents, children, physicians, coaches, etc.)
    • No question, sleek, sexy, attractive

     Our chosen wearable device is  the “game changer” in wearable technology…..the only wearable technology that is being reviewed as a medical device….

    Revolutionary: We have reinvented  the Health Risk Assessment: Combining it with an Oxidative stress inventory, a corporate culture assessment, and now the option…..individual biomarkers & DNA sequencing (Genomic testing) for each employee….  With this information, we are able to create a unique, specific and highly individualized HRA, for each and every employee.

Health Risk Analytics and Wearable Technology…Connecting the Dots:

▪Incentives increase success of a program

▪Health challenges increase participation promoting engagement

▪Monitoring our health increases  our motivation for a healthier lifestyle

▪Tracking biomarkers allows us to provide health care professionals   valuable data

▪Tracking biomarkers is valuable data for the development of specific,  targeted health programs

▪Employee health builds productivity and engagement

▪People are loving wearable devices

▪True health from the cell promotes mood and happiness


Nearly 40 million U.S. adults over 18 used wearable technology in 2015 — a jump of 57.7% over 2014. The usage of wearables is projected to hit 81.7 million adults by 2018

ABI Research

13 million wearable devices will be integrated into corporate wellness plans over the next five years. Wearables are perceived to offer encouragement to work toward better health, without appearing to be a requirement, and 44% of U.S. workers are already wearing them to work.


49% of respondents believe the use of wearables in the workplace will help improve efficiency and increase productivity of employees. 67% of respondents expect that the company is willing to allocate some of its budget to purchase wearables that will support productivity

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” -John F. Kennedy


Employee Risk Assessment Best In Corporate Health
Our Data for your Process:
Employee Health Risk Assessment
Process Design based on Assessment
Chronic Disease Management

Skip the expensive middleman: We are the providers large  corporate health companies subcontract  for program delivery. Save added cost,  provide your employees with personalized, measurable corporate health programs prioritizing their own unique needs and circumstances






Corporate Health Metrics Process

After Phase 1 of our metrics program was overwhelmingly received, we are now rolling out Phase 2 to a controlled market. Contact us to see if your company qualifies to participate in this exciting test phase.



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