Corporate Wellness Webinar Series

Corporate Wellness Webinar Series – Build Your own Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate wellness webinars can be customized with our unique HRA & CCA, biometrics through wearable technology program & Genomic testing……personalizing employee wellness redefined with DNA and ongoing biometric tracking…..

The very best corporate wellness program is one which:

  • Corporate Wellness Webinar series
    Personalized, Corporate wellness coaching..for $50/person for 5 hours? Let us show you …

    Directly addresses the needs of your employees

  • Fits the schedule ….both in terms of work and personal life
  • Allows the participant….to participate, and include any significant others in their life
  • Is the equivalent of having their own personal health coach
  • The employee completes the program with  path and passion – Not just a list of shoulds and should nots
  • All professional speaking topics can be modified and customized to your corporate health webinar



Integrate webinars as part of your Incentivized with wearable devices corporate health culture……HUNDREDS of hours of customized, live and interactive webinars & coaching, at no extra cost…

Smoking Cessation webinar series Best In Corporate Health
Smoking Cessation Webinar series

Just like having your own Personal Health Coach…at the cellular level:

⇒Chronic Disease Management Series:

5 Webinar Series: (Can be integrated with wearable technology program)

  1. Diabetes
  2. Oxidative Stress
  3. Metabolic Syndrome
  4. Cancer
  5. Gut & Immune Health for Chronic Disease Prevention & Management

Other Popular Webinar Choices.

  • Peak Fitness – NO Gym Required…perfect for the traveller and multitasker!
  • Living a Life to Prevent Cancer is the Healthiest Lifestyle of All – Defining that elusive “healthy lifestyle”
  • Oxidative Stress – The Root cause of illness (cancer, heart disease, depression, lack of focus…)
  • Measuring Oxidative Stressors in your Life: An in depth employee survey tool/health inventory created by Best In Corporate Health to measure levels of oxidative stress potentially sabotaging  health, focus, mood and stress levels
  • Family Fitness……A 3 part webinar series designed for the hectic work – life balance.
    • Family Friendly Nutrition
    • The Health Centric Family: Keeping our families fit with physical activity and Lifestyle.
    • Family webinars: Bringing the Family in…..
  • Camaraderie Through Health – Building Your corporate health culture
  • Mood & Motivation
  • $$ Financial Wellness…a series of webinars dedicated to straightening out finances….Money ✚ Mined ≥ Medical
  • Sleep: Getting Better Sleep Is a Necessity for the Corporate Culture…Helping employees get a more restorative sleep, a vital aspect of health & productivity
  • Stress Management …from the cell, telomeres, digestive system..every organ system
  • Sexual health…..A Critical Aspect of stress reduction, focus, empowerment
  • Work Life Balance: Finding Time for Health/Work/Family – Reducing Stress Improving Productivity
  • Alcohol – The most abused substance of all
  • Putting the Rhythm in Circadian Rhythms – The Key to Focus & Productivity
  • Corporate Desk Olympics – “Deskercising” Reducing Sedentary time
  • Nutrition on the Go….Go travellers and Go Multitaskers
  • Energizing – Deleting energy zappers compromising performance
  • My Achey Breaky Body…..The #1 cause of absenteeism  is pain and injury. What we can do to keep our factory installed parts!
  • Nutrition for Cancer Prevention – NOT just the pop “top 10 foods to prevent cancer”.
  • Smoking Cessation…..a series of webinars + coaching to help employees butt out
  • Build your own employee wellness webinar….Your employees submit their most pressing healthy lifestyle questions – we answer them, anonymously in the webinar format

Employee Risk Assessment Best In Corporate Health
Our Data for your Process:
Employee Health Risk Assessment
Process Design based on Assessment
Chronic Disease Management

All webinars are equipped with a time line – based on the proven psychology of adopting new habits, and minimizing unwanted current behaviors.


Ask us about Our Yearly Subscription to live interactive Webinars + Coaching …save 25%!

We know Employee Wellness programs are the very best way to reach the most people, have the most impact at the most affordable price…..we make that happen. 

Investment…..Up to 100 people/webinar:

****With our incentivized with wearable technology program…….live, interactive webinars can be complementary – included in the discounted price of the technology :

Doing the Math….Investment Requirements for Your Corporate Wellness Program


Based on a $6,000 Yearly Subscription:

40 people (employees only): $6,000/40 people = $150/pp for 1 year wellness process /48 hrs = $3.125 per hour per employee for a 1 year wellness process

$150 per employee for one year    $3.125/hour per employee

Success is dramatically improved with partner participation…whoever that supporting role might be played by…..

80 People (includes partners): $6,000/80 people = $75/pp/1year wellness process / 48 hours = $1.56/hour

$75/per participant (employee + partner)          $1.56/hour/per person

However, contact us about our wearable technology incentive program……webinars are customized to employee biometrics and can be complimentary…..why not get the wearable technology, the most customized programs, all for the discounted price of the wearable device.

Please click to proceed to checkout with Paypal   ….Putting the “I” in ROI….

Health is Wealth:

Corporate wellness personalized Best In Corporate Health
We Get VERY Personal – Add biometrics by incentivizing with wearable technology + Genomic Testing……Very Personal

We all know that productive, engaged employees are the very best asset for a company. Most of the issues a company has with employees – absenteeism, lack of productivity or focus….are based on underlying dysfunction of health.

Creating a process which is individualized, carries the person beyond the end of the program, engages  participation and the mindset to continue….is not only best for the employee – but is a sound investment for the company.

Cellular health  minimizes  those saboteurs which lead to poorly optimized health, enabling happiness, strength, empowerment, productivity  – and yes – prevent illness.

Corporate Wellness Webinars with Best in Corporate Health
BSc Psychology & Chemistry, Medical fitness professional, Cancer Exercise Specialist , Holistic Nutritionist, Medical Exercise Specialist, Radio Talk show host

 Shira Litwack calls herself the “CHE – Chief Health Enthusiast” of Best in Corporate Health. Shira has assembled over  30 health and fitness professionals to bring you unique corporate wellness programs designed around your employees. No more one size fits none corporate health programs, no long guilt lists of shoulds and should nots – fun, engaging programs where “installation” is an integral part of all programs. The health coaches cover a wide range of specialties from nutrition, exercise, balancing lifestyle, family harmony, addiction recovery, disease prevention and recovery… us to plan your corporate wellness solutions.

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Remember, BICH processes include partners at no extra charge and are measurable!

Shira has been interviewed on: City TV, CTV, National Public Radio, Sirius XM Dr. Rehab Dr. Jonathan Whiteson & The Sports Medicine Show, Living Cancer Free, Web Talk Radio, Voice America, Obesity Control Center


We at Best In Corporate Health Proudly boast….

Proud Creators of Thousands of Corporate Health Culture