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Anti Aging with Rico Caveglia

Anti Aging with Rico Caveglia – Be Bold Never Be Old!

Anti Aging? We keep hearing those words…..with the promise of erasing wrinkles finding the fountain of youth.

Truth is – we want to age, it sure beats the alternative. We want to look good and feel good as we age.

Trying to defy aging takes commitment, through out our lives. Growing old happens at the cellular level. We live these healthier lifestyle choices, really, to protect our cells.

We want to protect our genes, more than our jeans…..

Our outer facade is not indicative of the aging that is happening at the cellular level. As we age, we have a much greater chance to confront those traditionally age associated conditions: disease, cognitive decline, frailty……

Oxidative stress caused by Reactive Oxygen Species,  causes cells and entire organisms to age. If these ROS accumulate, this causes damage (mutations, insertions, deletions)  to our DNA, as well as changes in the protein molecules and lipids in the cell. ROS break down cell membranes and destroys the efficient functioning of our mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells that produce ATP, our currency of energy.  The cell ultimately loses its functionality and dies. As more cells die and our DNA is altered (epigenetics), the tissue suffers and the body ages.

The great news: We can make healthier choices for ourselves daily.

We can live the Ageless Living Lifestyle!

  • Rico is a gold medalist in the California Senior Olympics!
  • Be Bold but Never Be Old!
  • chronological age vs. fitness age
  • The exception in aging, should be the norm
  • Your muscles are you BFF in life
  • Rico’s top 10 anti growing old list
  • genetics vs. epigenetics
  • Life Purpose
  • dehydration, sleep, healthy eating….necessities of the Ageless Living Lifestyle….
  • Move it or lose it components of exercise

Anti aging comes from within the nucleus of each and every cell……….

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Anti Aging Rico CavegliaRico Caveglia chronological Age 77 Fitness Age 35  is America’s Healthy Aging Trainer and creator of The Ageless Living Lifestyle, The Vitality For Life Training System, the Be Bold Never Be Old Wellness Club and The Fearless Aging Podcast.

He owns a health/fitness/longevity/wellness consulting and training company in San Diego, Ca. established in 1981. He is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, award winning author, speaker, inventor, workshop leader, athlete, gold medalist California State Senior Olympics. He is the author of 15 books and numerous videos on wellness and the new Ageless Living Lifestyle online Wellness Program.


Marketing brainwashes us in many ways. It teaches us to look at the superficial. Yes, we want to look good, feel good. True anti aging is about protecting our cells, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

Oxidative stress is produced from within from our mitochondria. But when we smoke, drink alcohol, choose the wrong foods, exposure to toxins (long list here)………..we are encouraging cell death.

The aging that matters is the aging of our cells – our cell-being

Anti Aging lowering oxidative stressCellular aging is the progressive decline in the resistance to stress and other cellular damages, causing a gradual loss of cellular functions and resulting eventually in cell death. What causes that cellular resistance to stress? This is where our lifestyle choices come into play. We either make our cells more resilient to resisting stress, or our cells succumb to the damage.

Oxidative stress and inflammation is already a by product of our own cellular functions (production of ATP in the mitochondria) and as a result of lifestyle choices, foods, activity……oxidative stress can cause disruptions in normal mechanisms of cellular signalling, changes in DNA expression, mitochondrial function, apoptosis……oxidative stress causes cellular


Don’t supplement …….     Activate!

Activate NAD ProductionFinding more ways to increase NAD and lower oxidative stress – are the true keys to living a proactive, healthy lifestyle.  Ask me how!

Oxidative stress is at the root of every one of our chronic illnesses: heart disease, cancers, depression, diabetes, Alzheimer’s………

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The supplement like a flu shot against oxidative stress…..Activating your own chemistry is far better than supplementation….

True Anti Aging – is Lowering Oxidative Stress… as many ways as we can…..

Why are we not controlling chronic illness? We must control the wildfire of inflammation and lower oxidative stress. We know oxidative stress is at the root of chronic illness such as cancer, heart disease, depression, arthritis, stroke, diabetes. Inflammation ages us and leaves us susceptible to disease….We take a flu shot to prevent the flu – one simple activator to lower your oxidative stress by as much as 40%.    7 patents, 26 peer reviewed studies on pubmed, accolades from American Heart Association, Mayo Clinic, National Institute on Aging….Washington State: “may well become the most extraordinary therapeutic and most extraordinary preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine.”

Shira Litwack, Corporate Program Designer
Shira Litwack, BSc, Corporate Wellness Specialist, Chronic Care recovery, medical exercise, holistic nutrition, addiction recovery

Shira Litwack:  Corporate Wellness Specialist, Chronic Care prevention & management program design, health technologies, population health management on 3 continents.

Articles featured in:  Corporate Wellness Association, European Registry of Exercise Professionals, The National Post, Investment Executive Magazine, Directory of Greater Toronto, Canadian Leukemia & Lymphoma Association, Prostate Cancer Canada, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Anytime Fitness, Today’s Black Woman, Today’s Seniors, Medical Fitness Network, FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered), Willow (Breast & Hereditary Cancer Support),Myeloma Canada, Cancer Exercise Training Institute, Urban Poling for Breast Cancer, ROW – Recovery on Water for Breast Cancer, Sirius XM Doctor Radio