Artificial Intelligence And Your Health

Artificial Intelligence – What Does it Mean for your Health?

Artificial Intelligence – we hear it all the time – Do we know what it means? Do we know how AI has revolutionized healthcare?

Artificial Intelligence for HealthcareAI involves inputting vast amounts of data into computers – and let it crunch away. The term AI has been around since the 1950s – but now because of its potential for such vast reach into technology, healthcare….the implications are overwhelming.


Artificial intelligence organizes big data that exists for a particular task

calculates best processes for a desired outcome

Every time we ask Siri a question on our iPhone, or use voice command in the car – we are enjoying the benefits of AI.

cell      atom    data

What do these 3 words have in common?     artificial intelligence and big data

The cell is the smallest unit of our physiology

The atom is the smallest unit of matter

Data – The raw resource that powers AI.

Keeping that data safe and secure, not violating privacy…..that is forever the challenge, think of the Facebook fiasco.

Artificial Intelligence – Reinventing Healthcare Solutions

AI is being implemented in every aspect of the betterment of our health. These examples realm of possibilities:

  • A Danish AI software company is using computers to eavesdrop while human dispatchers took emergency calls. The algorithm analyzed what the callers voice.  The tone of voice and background noise could detect cardiac arrests with a 93% success rate compared to 73% for people trying to accomplish the same task
  • Virtual nursing assistants are being used to help monitor patients between doctor visits – giving people 24/7 access to tailored support
  • AI surgical robots are providing greater accuracy to surgery – fewer complications post-op
  • Clalit Health in Israel is using AI along with existing CT scans  identifying  patients with bone and cardiovascular disease far earlier than ever before.
  • University of Toronto engineering students along with the Faculty of Medicine are using AI for patients with glioblastoma. Their AI tool is reducing the time for developing radiation treatments for these patients from days to hours
  • AI is being used now in a number of ways to predict and treat breast cancer, including earlier diagnosing, better individualized treatments, has reduced over treatments (unnecessary surgeries)

The most exciting part is we are still early, AI is still in its infancy stage for uses in healthcare.


Re-engineering the “patient” to educated healthcare consumer. Health technology for greater transparency, and better health outcomes.

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Shira Litwack, Corporate Program Designer
Shira Litwack, BSc, Corporate Wellness specialist, Cancer Exercise Specialist , Medical Exercise Specialist, Holistic Nutritionis

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