Care Management Platform

Care Management – 24/7 Peace of Mind for Employees/Patients

Care management platform with UNmatched personalization, accessibility, communication, affordability to every aspect of healthcare.

proactive through chronic care management…Pediatrics through Geriatrics

Building Health Literacy AND Healthcare Literacy

Tragic but true:

  • Medical Error is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US
  • Many people cannot afford good healthcare
  • The leading cause of bankruptcy in the US is medical expenses, even when people had insurance
  • Most people are on an insurance plan that does not cover their needs – costing everyone health & $$$$$$
Care Management Platforms for Physicians, Employers, Brokers, TPAs….


care management platform Best In Corporate HealthLet us build you a completely personalized care management, life management platform.  Tell us your dream service to your patients/employees, we build it. We can integrate all benefits, insurance, Reconciliations, HR, ben-admin platforms ….into one simple single sign on:


Let Us Manage your IT

minimize stress on doctorsAlmost 70 % of physicians who use EHR technology during patient care delivery have experienced stress as a result of the demands of health IT use, according to a recent JAMIA (Journal of Informatics In Health & Biomedicine)

Health IT-related stress can contribute to physician burnout, which may negatively affect physicians’ mental health and limit clinicians’ ability to provide high-quality patient care.

IT is what we do.  We are IT specialists and Chronic Care Managers – together – we take this stress away from you. Your patients will welcome this added security.  Profit not just financially, but minimizing stress on you and your practice.

This platform was a collaboration by techs, cardiologists, chronic care managers, oncologists & nurses… to provide the best in care and efficiency for you to provide your patients/employees



care management add all ben-admin functions

Ready to Go platform  Generate a revenue stream by providing a life health management  platform, enjoyed by hundreds of thousands already, for your one monthly cost to your population. So FAR beyond telemedicine!

Your Care management team, or we can provide.




How Simple is This?

care management for patients and employees

Even for the greatest techno phobic patient/employee – it is this simple.

⇒⇒One place for 24/7 access to entire care team, better education, and better health literacy-never feel helpless

⇒⇒Central support center provides coordination, convenience & peace of mind

⇒⇒ Affordable – far more than telemedicine – virtual exams

⇒⇒ Enhance adherence with reminders and nudges

⇒⇒ Create vibrant care community engaging patient community – volunteers, friends, family & other members around patient care.



Most of all….Patient/employee has a complete Electronic Health Record – gone are the general wellness days – truly become an active participant in health, or health of an informed loved one, or child by having all health data imported: Rx, labs, biometric, doctors notes……Employers can import HR data.


61% of employers say employees’ health habits are the #1 challenge to controlling healthcare costs

Traditional Wellness is Weak

Go far beyond wellness to health and healthcare literacy! No General wellness here which has been proven to be weak at best improving health & providing an ROI. Everyone should have a deep understanding of their health status by having their own electronic health record, where they can familiarize themselves with their biometrics – far greater than a wearable. Clinical care team will notify employees of any health concerns

Forbes: The inability of U.S. employees to navigate the healthcare systemcosts $4.8 billion annually in administrative expenses for employers and insurers picking up the tab for patient medical costs. Employees who have a low level of health literacydrive higher costs than those who are health literate through higher drug, health and disability claims, lower productivity and higher absenteeism

  • Extensive healthcare available from anywhere, any time: Whether work travel, family travel, or a parent home alone with family members while the other parent travels – instantly connect to a health team, who has access to medical records, Rx, insurance…..
  • Data feed of biometrics and lifestyle health, more robust monitoring: Clinical care team has far more robust data – not just the health data when you’re in the office.
  • We can supply & implement the technology + clinical care team   reducing the burden of time, tech and resources on HR – providing extensive care seamlessly. Nobody likes to fight tech!
  • Remote monitoring, virtual exams, remote biometric monitoring: Convenience redefined. No lousy weather driving, packing all the kids up, the cost of ER, being exposed to other germs waiting in a clinic or ER. Know the care team is looking out for you and your loved ones
  • Integrate other tools: insurance, payments, appointments: Does anybody like this? Take the guess work, interpretations, away from billing and insurance. Appointments: Nobody is waiting for office hours, or the office to call you back with an appointment time. Let employees focus on what they need to – not worrying about getting a hold of the doctor’s office …..
  • Streamline administrative workflow.. payroll, insurance, reconciliation ..integrate into one ben-admin platform
  • Communicate with employee population: broadcasts, reminders, virtual health fares all become a simple reality


Employers are looking to provide more virtual care options for their workers, with half saying this is their top health care initiative for 2020. Telemedicine is only one component of this effort. Our virtual care  encompasses far more with one single sign on including  digital coaching, chronic condition management, virtual exams, an available clinician to communicate with, remote monitoring, integrating all benefits under one platform.

Care Management Simplified for the Employer/Doctor/Healthcare Provider
  • Healthy people are more productive, reducing financial burden
  • Still get the personal touch!
  • extensive healthcare available from anywhere, any timeaccessible affordable healthcare from anywhere with Best In Corporate Health
  • Data feed of biometrics and lifestyle health
  • more robust monitoring
  • We can supply & implement the technology + clinical care team
  • Remote monitoring, virtual exams
  • remote biometric monitoring
  • Integrate other tools: insurance, payments, appointments…..
    Streamline administrative workflow
    Full training provided

Our goal is to create a simple to use, clinical workflow. Tell us your needs and vision, we create it

Care Management for the Employee/Patient
  • Building health literacy, being more involved in healthcareLife Health management pediatrics through geriatrics Best In corporate Health
  • Bring in all lab data, Rx, biometric device data
  • 24/7 access to care…multiple modes of communication
  • 24/7 chronic care management
  • Choose non clinical care team
  • Ability for virtual engagements & telehealth provide convenience and peace of mind, from anywhere
  • Education & support for support network
  • Compliance & adherence support
  • Redefining a complete electronic health record for employee use
  • Be the pilot, be in control, never feel helpless

Create a SSO for benefits………..who likes passwords?


Let’s set up a Zoom – create your life management wish list – have you going.  Very low cost, providing the most all encompassing, affordable healthcare for your employees, patients.

Reduce Oxidative Stress, at the root of behavioral & physical chronic illness,  by up to 40%.

Lowering Inflammation causing chronic disease Best In Corporate Health

Activate your own body to produce its own antioxidant system.

7 patents, 24 peer reviewed studies on pubmed, accolades from American Heart Association, Mayo Clinic, National Institute on Aging….Washington State: “may well become the most extraordinary therapeutic and most extraordinary preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine.”.