Corporate Happy Place Sound “Uncorporate”?

Talking about the “Corporate Happy Place”  in the corporate world is so…..uncorporate? No, not at all.

The science of  “Happy”:

The brain typically sends trillions of messages daily. The happy messages are sent by the “Endorphin system”

The word Endorphin comes from the combination of 2 words:

Endogenous morphine. Endorphins are the brain’s pain killers – except they are far more potent than morphine.

Best In Corporate Health and wellnessIn an extremely oversimplified description – when the body is stressed (we talk physiological /cellular stress at Best In Corporate Health) the body fails to send the happy messages.

The neurotransmitters  dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine are hugely responsible for reaching our happy place. Many anti depressants use the science of neurotransmitters. The truth is, proven in a number of studies, having a healthy inner biology is the very best way to naturally pump the endorphin system. Just a reminder – a good looking exterior does NOT mean there is a healthy inner biology!!!! Inappropriate food choices, lack of physical activity, too much of the wrong exercise, lack of quality sleep, stress, discord & confrontational relationships, environmental evils, our thoughts, attitude, emotions..…all of these can detrimentally affect our body chemistry. And let’s throw in some newer research – obesogens….disguised and lurking in our every day lives, sabotaging our very best efforts.

Once again – we have to look at the underlying cellular fitness – dig deeper than the facade.

Best In Corporate Health Creating Your Corporate Happy PlaceHappiness Starts in the Cell

At the center of cellular fitness is designing a process to minimize those agents that irritate the cells – front and center are inflammation and oxidative stress – yes, the same  menaces in the world of cancer, heart disease, depression, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, many of our chronic illnesses.  Front and center are nutrition and exercise,  as well as a number of other factors we must control in our lives to minimize the daily exposures to toxins, carcinogens, mutagens, viruses and bacteria, endocrine disruptors….all of which contribute to weakening cellular performance, which leads to unwanted, premature aging, sickness, and of course severely affecting our ability to be focused and productive.

The Corporate Happy Place….At Best In Corporate Health:
 We work from the Cell  – System Function – The Exterior

So Why the Corporate Happy Place?

Let’s talk about 10 well accepted truths about the importance of employee happiness.

  1. The #1 predictor of productivity is happiness.
  2. are more motivating to others and work better in teams
  3. want to give back much more…appreciation and loyalty
  4.  Smiling is contagious – unfortunately grumping is too
  5. are more creative and learn faster
  6. tend to fix things, find solutions, rather than complain
  7. are more energetic
  8. more optimistic
  9. Take less sick days
  10. make less mistakes- not as nervous about making them more confidant about better decisions

Happy Self      Happy family    Happy Work

At Best In Health Corporate we encourage and welcome the participation of spouses in all of our processes – whether they be in the company or employee driven processes. Fitness should be a family focus. By implementing a process that not only nurtures the employee, but family as well,  the company creates that health centric, corporate happy place, prospering from health on many more levels.

AND THE LAST WORDS…..if it is not fun and rewarding…they are NOT going to do it! None of us are looking for another miserable drudgery in our lives!