Course Development Guided by Our HRA

Course Development – Turning a Program into a Process

Course Development with the customization and options.  We  can design motivational programs to be carried out in house – or prerecord customized programs.

Course development for prerecorded programs is designed with the same meticulous process as live, interactive webinars – still customized by a full HRA & CCA (corporate culture assessment) to  provide  highly personalized employee wellness processes. With all of our recorded programs – there is the option for follow up, our incentivizing with wearable technology program , genomic testing…..all of our other health services 

5 Steps to our Course Development Protocol
 Course Development with an HRA Best In Corporate Health


  1. Assess program Needs: Needs of the employees & what can be carried out in house and what needs to be trained by a Best in Corporate Health pro, or a program suitable for self study by prerecorded webinar
  2. Set the Objectives: meet the health needs of the employees with  the development of our health program, discovered through the assessments
  3. Action Plan/ Instructional Design: – and yes – here we are going to work out what can be done in house and are there any aspects that must be instructed by licensed health and fitness professional. Or, prerecord, customized motivational interactive webinars, which can be supported with workbooks and action plans
  4. Program implementation: Provide the documentation, outlines, material for promotion and engagement
  5. Evaluate & Revise Training – We will follow through to assure program success and have met training objectives, preparing a process for adherence and further learning.


We provide our full HRA & CCA assuring the course meets employee needs. Courses can be prerecorded by one of our professionals, or designed to be delivered by in house health providers

Course Development – Personalized Corporate Health Processes

Personalized corporate health with biometrics and genomic testing
We Get VERY Personal – Add biometrics by incentivizing with wearable technology + Genomic Testing……Very Personal

Our job is to find the right combination of health services to fit your budget,  employees needs, schedules…..We are your health concierge….

  • Health Risk Assessment & Corporate Culture Assess.
  • Customized live, interactive webinars
  • Digital Health & Wellness platform
  • Course Development – HRA & CCA included
  • Wearable technology measuring the most biomarkers
  • And Fall 2017, Genomic Testing. Decipher the DNA  maximizing health  centric choices…even disease treatment options