Digital Health & Wellness Platform PLUS

Digital Health and Wellness Platform….PLUS+++

We Personalize the digital health platform experience….integrating the very best of digital technology, the personal touch…….creating engagement and camaraderie through health.

Every Employee is #1…with our personalized digital health

Digital Health, an extreme boost to the corporate wellness arena. Our option, with a plus.  We’re making it even stronger. All the conveniences and affordability of the #1 digital health and wellness platform, with the option of all the health support and customization offered by Best In Corporate Health.

BenefitsEQ + Best In Corporate Health = Full service employee wellness suite = Digital PLUS

employee wellness Best In Corporate HealthBest in Corporate Health has teamed up with the leading digital health and wellness platform in Canada, working with our major  insurers, being the platform of choice for the major insurance companies, brokers, PEOs and of course individual companies. Collectively, our URAC accredited digital platform generates over 5,000,000 + visits per month (in a country of 35 million) underscoring the quality of our content  (HRA, challenges & devices, coaching, library, pharmacy compatibility….++) and creating unparalleled reach opportunities. Due to great demand, we have customized the platform to the US market.

We  measure hard cost drivers like productivity and risk, providing detailed analytics so employers know where they stand and where they are going, and where they need to go. For employees, the program provides an engaging, interactive framework to improve modifiable risk factors and reduce unnecessary health care costs.

Our platform is a #1  complete, robust, turnkey wellness platform – the way we have leveraged it – price is not a concern. Analytics are broad and deep – and with a customizable HRA, analytics is able to extract the data HR needs to proceed.

Health Connected Inclusions:

υ Health Risk Assessment…Customizable to perform the research you need on employee health
υ Health Challenges (individual and Corporate)
υ Digital Health Coach
υ Conditions and Disease Library……over 15k URAC approved articles to research
υ Natural Health Products Library
υ Health Articles
υ Monthly Health eNewsletter
υ Employer Support Materials (Wellness in a Box) υ Connectivity with Popular Devices as Provided υ Personal Health Record
υ Points & Badge Tracking
υ Personalized branding
υ Hosting & Support

✔️ A platform that is compatible – we can “digitalk” with other platforms for smooth integration

Digital Health Plus:

At Best In Corporate Health – we believe evolution never ends…..

We joined BenefitsEQ to roll out the platform across the US – in our constant quest that everyone should have access to a comprehensive, scientific, engaging  wellness program. For those who want further support, assistance, add another dimension to the digital platform, creating unprecedented personalization to technology – we created Digital Health PLUS.

Our commitment is to keep finding new ways to offer the most thorough, engaging health processes for all employees, creating your corporate health culture.

Digital Health Plus – the union of technology & the human touch. Our IT, specialists, and third party diagnosticians & specialists….are all at your service. Unique, individualized per employee , at the most affordable cost – committed to your VOI & ROI, we keep evolving to better serve your employees

Upping the “Total” in “Total Rewards”…..

Reduce Oxidative Stress, at the root of behavioral & physical chronic illness,  by up to 40%. 7 patents, 24 peer reviewed studies on pubmed, accolades from American Heart Association, Mayo Clinic, National Institute on Aging….Washington State: “may well become the most extraordinary therapeutic and most extraordinary preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine.”.