Employee Benefits Vs. Employee Sponsored

Best in Corporate Health offers 2 options for Health Processes

  1. Company Driven Process  (employee benefits)  vs…..Employee benefits vs. Employee paid programs
  2. Employee Driven Process
Company Driven Health Process..Employee Benefits

Traditional Corporate Wellness Program. The process is sponsored by the company.

This is a wonderful  part of employee benefits. Best in Corporate health develops the very best possible process along with a company representative. Choosing from the platforms, an assessment of employees, the process is implemented.

Pros: A wonderful way to build camaraderie, reaffirm company/employee loyalty

Employee Driven Health Process

We offer the same options as above – but the process is financially sponsored by the employees. Even if the employees choose to keep it to small group or one to one coaching, a significantly discounted group rate will be given to all employees in the process. We offer this option to groups as small as 15.

Pros: People do often get more motivated to success if they are paying from their own pocket. Employee group rates are 40% of a private rate, and also benefit from the incentive of others in the workplace involved in the same process.

A blend of both options…….

Nothing like healthy competition – With the data provided from our metrics program, company’s can opt to reimburse employees for success. email us for creative options