Genomic Testing: Personalizing Wellness Deciphering our DNA

Genomic Testing – Our 23 Chapter Operating Manual

Never has genomic testing Genomic testing Dr. Mansoor Mohammed on Best In Corporate Healthbeen better described than my guest, Dr. Mansoor Mohammed, clinical genomicist, widely regarded as a pioneer in medical genomics and has been the recipient of multiple academic and industry awards. His academic CV  boasts University of Guelph, UCLA, Baylor & University of Toronto.  Dr. Mansoor is a leading and innovative provider of comprehensive Lifestyle Genomics and Personalized Medicine consulting.  His intensely vivid imagery takes us through a journey of discovery into personalized wellness. Imagine the most intricate game of connect the dots, where our cells are the dots……..I would like to think Dr. Mansoor and colleagues are leading the future of our medical care.

Genomic testing is Where Science Surpasses Science Fiction
Genomic Testing - our operating manual to personalized wellness Best In Corporate Health
“The most important legacy we inherit – is the legacy of our genetic, genomic operating manual” Dr. Mansoor Mohammed

Think of our genomic profile as our operating manual. This operating manual holds the vital inner minutia of how we work, how are we metabolizing our nutrients, our inner pathways…..  A users manual made of 23 chapters – our 23 chromosomes. Each of these chapters  contain the instructions, genes that dictate the body’s decision processes.

We inherit two complete 23 chapter manuals – one from our mother and one from our father.

If you ask people “what is genetics”, they usually have one of two answers;

  1. Inheritance – the genes we inherited from Mamma & Papa, our ancestral form
  2. The Angelina Jolie…..our predisposition to disease….


Mansoor teaches us that genetics is so much more than that ….this is as far as I am going

Dr. Mansoor Mohammed Genomic Testing Best In Corporate Health
Dr. Mansoor, Clinical Genomicist “You are unique. Your genomic legacy defines your uniqueness far beyond your physical appearances. It encompasses the minutia of your cellular functions…”

here…no spoiler alert….Listen to Dr. Mansoor…-  Understand the depth of health info encoded in our genetics.


I want to be very careful here –we are not victims of our genetics – we cannot use genetics as our universal scapegoat for  challenges in life. As the CDC says….80% of our chronic illnesses are lifestyle.

What genomic testing shows us – is just how directly our nutrition, environmental exposures, lifestyle choices can control how our genes express themselves in our health. We do not change our genes – we can influence how they are expressed. Genomic testing empowers us to make more accurate health decisions, for our own unique genetic composition

Point to Ponder: we often think we are making  good, responsible decisions with our health, when in fact, we are jeopardizing our health…………

Example: 85% of women under the age of 25 have tried the birth control pill, or are on it. Many women have an inherent genetic pathway, that introducing artificial hormones can be disastrous. Just because a woman is not feeling any “side effects” from the hormones, does not mean she is not causing deleterious health risks.

Genomic Testing for Supplementation:

A 2016 study found that Americans spend $30 Billion on dietary supplements. When we study medical genomics, we understand why many of these supplements can have a detrimental effect on our health. 

Just because vitamins and supplements are available without a prescription, does NOT mean they are harmless. Accurate supplementation is a vital part of our health. However, random supplementation can be a hazard to our health. In our interview, we share some of the risks associated with random supplementation.

Genomic testing allows us to customize our supplementation, optimizing our genomic legacy.

Know Our Genomic Legacy….Optimize our Genomic Legacy 

Lifestyle Genomics. The goal is to understand

  1. Understand the unique features of our genomic legacy
  2. Nutrition   Environment    Lifestyle  – Optimally synchronize these with our genomic legacy

We cannot change our genes, we can influence our gene expression.

Our genomic legacy is truly empowering in preventing illness.

Please enjoy listening to Dr. Mansoor – he will help you understand  so much about yourself, the need for personalized wellness.


Genomic testing – now available in our personalized wellness programs:

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Personalized wellness programs…..Yes…..We get VERY personal……right down to the DNA….

Corporate health programs…what a wonderful way to affordably  make the world a happier, healthier place.

Shira Litwack, Corporate Program Designer
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