Getting Active in a Sedentary Lifestyle

Getting Active in a Sedentary Lifestyle

Sounds like a complete oxymoron….getting active in a sedentary lifestyle. Truth is – sedentary behaviour is the #1 lifestyle killer.

Getting Active in a Sedentary lifestyle
Physical Activity every waking hour is a critical aspect of cell health

A sedentary lifestyle is a guilty culprit in all of our chronic illnesses plaguing our world: depression, heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, weakened immune system,  chronic fatigue….As the WHO states, at least 75% of our chronic illnesses are preventable.



Getting active in a sedentary lifestyle is the most forgotten aspect of health and wellness programs. Consider the facts on sedentary behaviour:

  • Circulation dramatically slows when sitting
  • Poor posture – poor curvature of the spine
  • breathing compromised – less oxygen intake
  • Poor circulation & oxygenation – compromised health, immunity, focus, cognitive function
  • shortens our telomeres….a chromosomal “measure” for health and aging
  • dramatically increased risk of metabolic syndrome

Mayo Clinic study compared adults who spent less than two hours a day of  screen-based activity with those who logged more than four hours a day of  screen time. Those with greater screen time had:

  • A nearly 50 percent increased risk of death from any cause
  • About a 125 percent increased risk of events associated with cardiovascular disease, such as chest pain (angina) or heart attack
    The increased risk was separate from other traditional risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as smoking or high blood pressure.

Any extended sitting — such as behind a desk at work or behind the wheel — can be harmful.

Spending a few hours a week at the gym or otherwise engaged in moderate or vigorous activity does NOT seem to significantly offset the risk.

A complete corporate wellness program defines and integrates regular physical activity into the program, while still maintaining the decorum of the workplace. Many workplace environments are sedentary, desk job. Now combine that with travelling time, screen time at home, television, exhaustion at the end of a day…..getting active in a sedentary lifestyle demands respect and vigilance for workplace health and employee productivity.

Taking a 5 minute nature walk – albeit sounds really fun – is not reality. A few suggestions from our Corporate Desk Olympics Program:

  • Deskercise……Serious muscle pumping, heart health exercises…tuned to your day!
  • Breathing exercises
  • Postural Pull ups
  • Pumping the Power pump muscles
  • Immune pumpers

Exercise and physical activity are very different, and both extremely important components to our overall health, and employee performance.  Physical activity works the majority of its magic at the cellular level.

Cellular health  minimizes  those saboteurs which lead to poorly optimized health, enabling happiness, strength, empowerment, productivity  – and yes – prevent illness.

Getting active in a sedentary lifestyle with Best in Corporate Health
Shira Litwack: BSc Psychology & Chemistry, medical fitness professional, Cancer Exercise Specialist , holistic nutritionist, medical exercise specialist

Shira Litwack calls herself the “CHE – Chief Health Enthusiast” of Best in Corporate Health. Shira has assembled over  30 health and fitness professionals to bring you unique corporate wellness programs designed around your employees. No more one size fits none corporate health programs, no long guilt lists of shoulds and should nots – fun, engaging programs where “installation” is an integral part of all programs. The health coaches cover a wide range of specialties from nutrition, exercise, balancing lifestyle, family harmony, addiction recovery, disease prevention and recovery… us to plan your corporate wellness solutions.

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