Incentivize: A Culture Boosting Engagement

Incentivize Your Employees Creating A Corporate Health Culture

Incentivize  employees appropriately, the Investment pay out:

  • Improving employee health
  • Proven beyond infinity…employee health brings employee engagement and productivity
  • Creating a corporate health culture – to reinforce your investment in the HSAs
  • Camaraderie- creating a common sense of purpose – creating that workplace pack mentality
  • Improving employee retention
  • Foster a work – life integration.……not just balance
  • Harvard Review: Employees are happier in their jobs when they have friendships with co-workers. Employees report that when they have friends at work, their job is more fun, enjoyable, worthwhile, and satisfying. Gallup found that close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50% and people with a best friend at work are seven times more likely to engage fully in their work.
  • Promoting Corporate Challenges: Many companies are engaging in corporate challenges, such as bike to work day, wellness competitions, community service events, and other activities to help build a sense of teamwork and togetherness. Corporate goals bring together employees.
  • Providing L-A-S-T-I-N-G impact on employee health, employee happiness and corporate goals

The key word here is appropriately.

Incentivize – According to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health:

“When it comes to health promotion programs, it’s wise to avoid the “build it and they will come” strategy. A wealth of research tells us that people need motivation to adopt healthier behaviors and, especially in the early stages. Employee incentives can jump-start participation in programs and can encourage workers to complete health risk assessments (HRAs), quit smoking, exercise more, or lose weight.”

If supporting a health centric, productive, engaged culture is the goal of incentivizing, Incentivize to encourage the wellness program

Incentivize your Employees Best In Corporate Health
Incentivize your Employees with Best In Corporate Health

Incentivize to celebrate the unified vision, lead the corporate health culture and employee camaraderie. Creating that culture is #1 in terms of long term adherence, success of the program, reaping the benefits of health in the workplace, productivity…..that all important ROI. On average, people invest 35-40% of their lives at work.

At a minimum, perks should help retain employees. The best companies, however, create incentives that demonstrate the company’s health culture and inspire employees to health, engagement and productivity.

Poor Choices to Incentivize:
  1. Starbucks cards or any other “treat” gift cards: Do not promote corporate camaraderie, fleeting….and its gone……, does not promote health,
  2. Cash: Fleeting and forgotten
  3. Gym memberships: Yes I said it. Rarely used, does not promote camaraderie
  4. Movie tickets…..really?

Health Tracking Employee Incentives with wearable devices Best In Corporate Health

Diabetes Costs about $245 Billion annually, according to the CDC, and considering Diabetes Monitoring Best In Corporate Healthemployers frequently take the brunt of this……..




The largest components of medical expenditures for diabetes are

incentivize employees

  • Hospital inpatient care (43% of the total medical cost),
  • Prescription medications to treat complications of diabetes (18%),
  • Medications to manage diabetes/blood glucose levels and diabetes supplies (12%),
  • Physician office visits (9%),
  • In-home nursing care/non-hospital residential facility stays (8%).

Is it appropriate to incentivize with poor food choices or sedentary activities?

Bottom line…..Incentivize to unite, build a health centric workplace. Create wellness programs to bring in family.

Best In Corporate Health Incentivizing programs build your corporate health culture creating challenges and camaraderie, and most of all – promote healthy, productive engaged employees.

A 2016 study by LexisNexis Risk Solutions conducted across 7 markets found 25% of US millennials replace their wearable every six months to a year, even if they are still working…..but when you have the wearable that already is far ahead of all others in terms of data, functionality, and continues to add on more and more functionality….with a full store to further customize your device at NO extra charge…….

Our choice of fitness trackers, provides the most extensive data available in any wearable device at a much more affordable price. Our preferred tracker:

  • Incentivize with wearable devices best in corporate healthMeasures the more biomarkers than any device: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Breath Rate, Mood, Energy, Sleep
  • Steps, Distance….all of these are covered with thorough analyses
    • Ability to perform an ECG EKG
    • Daily/Weekly/ Monthly Reporting
    • Germanium plates – more studies continually showing  to have extensive health benefits. Research is showing us germanium can counteract the multiple attacks our body receives daily from our environment  contributing to oxidative stress, including removing toxins, strengthening the immune system, increasing circulation, oxygenation and restoring ionic balance.
    • Open api……very first, only device, allows the addition of other plugins -one can even write their own app
    • A  store – download apps and plugins to further customize and add value to your own device
    • Oxygen in the blood
    • Temperature in the blood
    • An SOS panic button with GPS tracking
    • Calories
    • more features being added soon (Blood Glucose monitoring, Blood Alcohol monitoring & Mosquito Shield)…these will be downloadable – no need for new device
    • Full Communication with phones and social media
    • with user approval, shares data with up to 20 others (parents, children, physicians, coaches, etc.)
    • NEW July 2017: Incentivize employees and dramatically reduce exposure to
      incentivize with stress reduction Best In Corporate Health
      BioZen – reduces physiological stress from our cell phones by reducing EMR. Included at NO extra charge with Best In Corporate Health Incentivize packages

      radiation. All wearable devices can be equipped with BioZen, technology proven to drastically cut back the electro-magnetic radiation from our cell phones, computers. EMR is a known threat to our health causing oxidative stress and inflammation, and our world is full of EMR. Our cell phones, yes one of our most valued necessities of our lifestyles, no question at all, emit EMR. BioZen technology is proven to reduce dangerous exposure. Now provided with every device.

    • Added Incentive:  A full set of coloured bands, is available,  keep in style changing up your wrist band.
    • No question, sleek, sexy, attractive

     Our chosen wearable device is regarded as the “game changer” in wearable devices.

    Growth in the wearables market is expected to increase 35% by 2019

    Incentivize with the best wearable device with Best In Corporate Health:

    Health Tracking employee Incentives Best In Corporate Health


    ➨The #1 wearable device….there is NO OTHER device offering  comparable biometric data

    ➨Health Risk Assessment /Survey and CCA – Corporate Culture Assessment  to determine  employee needs for coaching…….included….we want to build your your corporate happy place – through health! The data from the wearable device will help customize the HRA & your wellness process

    Hours of  live, interactive webinars ✚ coaching……..included…, determined by employee biometric data

    ➥Your employees are incentivized with the most extensive wearable device, hours of live & interactive health webinars and coaching are included at no extra charge……..and you are promoting and celebrating the corporate health culture, healthy lifestyle adherence and sustainability.

    You are tripling your value, than just by buying the device alone retail.

    Contact us for your personalized package:

    The Business and Science of wearable devices  …A number of studies compiled by Forbes

    Corporate Health programs. What a wonderful,  affordable  way to make the world a healthier, happier place….Your Corporate Happy Place