Health and Wellness Metrics

Why Measure Your Health And Wellness Program?

Workplace Health and wellness Measurements   Why a Metrics Process?

Management can effectively evaluate worth of the health and wellness program and commitment from employees

Proves our worth as corporate health providers…separates real from rhetoric


…A few other points to ponder………

Crisp & uncluttered,  numbers are perfunctory and clearly provide management and employees:

  1. Defined Outcomes – Structure your health and wellness process for success right from the start: A health process must be personalized for each person based on their unique set of needs – however, we need to clearly outline exactly what the desired outcomes are, and what needs to be measured to get there, and why. Sometimes the most surprising markers are measured providing the greatest feedback. Regular reporting, reinforcing and measuring keeps us on track, .
  2. Data Collection: feed that inner competitive edge, and  provide praise. When data collection is done in a swift and simple – it is motivating, concisely providing feedback.
  3. Data Analysis: ahh….now we have reward…… Here we connect the dots. Good data analysis for a health process is done  through the number crunching.  An extrapolation is an important part to  providing guidance for continued success, far beyond program duration
  4. Analysis to Compliance: Built in self support providing a behavioural map

Numbers are science. Even the more emotional are often better encouraged by science. People are often skeptical about health  and wellness programs. Previous experiences unfortunately infuse a dose of doubt. Numbers encourage even the naysayers.  

We at Best In Corporate Health are now rolling out phase II of our unique metrics program. We received an overwhelming response to phase I – now we have made it even better. We are able to accurately measure finer points, keeping it personalized and easy to read the data.

Happy Place Health is Wealth with Best in Corporate Health

We encourage employees to feel the difference through out the process – take note of a number of biomarkers. Feeling success is empowering – now let’s back it with numbers – no imagination – the success is real.

We are able to offer the full metrics program with all of our coaching processes and our 365 support process. With speaking, lunch and learns, and retreats we are able to offer a modified version now as well,