Oxidative Stress and Stress

Oxidative Stress – The Physiological Source of Stress

What is oxidative stress?  Damage to the cells that causes an imbalance, causing the cell to not function at its full potential, or even worse – malfunction and start reproducing incorrectly, out of control, destroying healthy cells …aka….cancer.

At Best in Corporate Health, our health risk assessments and health processes include a detailed measurement of oxidative stressors in our lives, and from this we build better coping mechanisms, maximizing health and performance. 

Oxidative stressors (OS) attack relentlessly through out the day. What we perceive as “stress” is a by product of physiological, oxidative stress. How we react to stress often further oxidatively stresses our cells…….

  • being sedentary under the disguise of relaxation

    oxidative stress measuring in a health risk assessment Best In Corporate Health
    The need to measure for oxidative stress in employee health programs
  • smoking
  • alcohol
  • poor food choices
Cell-Being: Think of Cell Being  as the ultimate conductor of life. Our cells  confront the  daily cacophony of life, and orchestrate the musicians, our cells, into the symphony of life.

Cell-Being to Well-Being….the path to health, the path to providing employees what they need to perform at their very best. Stress management needs to come from the cell, not  preaching to people what to do and how to think.

oxidative stress and stress reduction Best in Corporate Health

When we talk about true health  and stress management- we need to go right down to the very center of our being – cell health, our cell-being…all 70 trillion!!


Besides the potential oxidative stressors listed here, the truth is there are many more. Cancer, aging, heart disease…mood disturbances….many of these are the product of a disturbance to our cellular health. The functioning of our cells are are affected by the constant bombardment of viruses, toxins, mutagens, carcinogens, bacteria and we are at the mercy of having a strong inner ecosystem (immune system, circulation, digestive system….) to keep us our of cellular stress. What we need to do is discover what oxidative stressors we have in our lives, that are sabotaging our best efforts.

Antioxidants (AO) – choices we make to negate oxidative stress

Redox State = Net Balance OS/AO

It is often said ” life causes cancer”. Yes, there are those awful cases, someone could have been exposed to mutagens before birth or at a very young age. Cancer is thought to be only 8% hereditary, the rest is environmental exposures.

Lets get down to the cell. Strengthen the cell, strengthen our health. Strengthen every aspect of our health and performance. If our cells are misfiring, every aspect of our being is in jeopardy.

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