Speaking: Camaraderie with Health

Professional Speaking  – to Infinity and Beyond!

Shira Litwack Health speaking author Best In Corporate HealthSpeaking to welcome a health centric lifestyle….None of us are looking for another miserable task in our lives. We all feel we have no time, and due to our hectic lives….tomorrow….tomorrow……

Ignore your health and it will go away!

All Topics woven into a Process – Not just a list of “shoulds” and “should nots” . These are all often used as a starting point, or integrated into part of the process of integrating health centric habits into daily life.

If it is not fun, we are not going to do it. Laughter, Learning and most of all reality, are the cornerstone of all speaking topics. 

The truth is there is so much more we all could be doing, easily, to strengthen our health, we just aren’t, because we have a narrow, restrictive, myopic view of what a healthy lifestyle is all about.

Creating A Corporate Health Culture

Trifecta Triathlon: Family -Health- Work Balance

De-Sedentizing, Yes with a desk job – Physical, Cognitive Health & Productivity

The Corporate Happy Place: De-Stressing for Engagement, Camaraderie & Compatibility

Nutrition on the Go

Exercise on the Go

DeStress from a Physiological/Cellular level – The Real Way

Smoking Cessation – Minimizing Withdrawal: Quadruple Success

An Honest Look at our Eating Behaviors – Food Addictions

Challenges in Fat Loss

Metabolic Syndrome: Prevention & Management

My Achey Breaky Body: Avoiding MusculoSkeletal Challenges

Holistic Nutrition: Eat to Heal

Creating an Exercise Continuum – From Whatever Level

An Integrated Chronic Disease Management Program…AKA…A Healthy Lifestyle


Our Qi to Success: Creating our Inner Peace & Understanding our Aura

Manifesting our Vision to Personal Growth & Productivity

Creating out Personal Identity to Eliminate Health Saboteurs

Nutrition & Exercise for Emotional Calm & Peace

Nesting : Creating Your Health Centric Space

Personal Assessments – Personal Identity- Personal Peace

Men’s Health: Everything You Didn’t Want to Ask Especially from a Woman!

True Anti Aging (Mind & Body) Tickling the Telomeres!

Creating an Integrated Disease Prevention Lifestyle

What is Cancer – Minimizing Daily Exposures

A Life to Prevent Cancer Prevents all of our chronic illnesses

Working with Circadian Rhythms

Neuroplasticity: Sculpting our Behaviors Neuron by Neuron

Nutrition & Exercise to Empower our Performance & Energize

Falling in Love with Fitness

75% of Chronic Illness are Lifestyle Choices: Live to Live

Success & Performance Necessitates Biochemical Efficacy

Health Diaries – Integrated Tracking Supporting  your Healthy Lifestyle

Cancer Prevention: The Healthiest Lifestyle of All

Lifestyle for Prevention/Management Metabolic Syndrome CVD