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Engagement Culture – Analyzing the Facets of Employee Engagement

Engagement Culture….Parsing the Synergistic Facets of Employee Engagement

Talent engagement is a process – Analyzing the engagement culture encourages us to scientifically  identify the angles of creating employee engagement. Creating an engagement culture with health, checks off many  boxes on the  corporate wish list.

Engagement Culture Best In Corporate HealthIt’s common knowledge that employee engagement is  imperative to the success of an organization. Engaged employees work harder, much better retention, more conscientious,  become brand ambassadors, are more loyal…and let’s face it – are much more of a pleasure to work with.


Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

We can look at different organizations and see various levels of engagement, or even within the same organization…..By analyzing the multi-faceted dynamic components of our engagement culture, we understand how there is a synergy between multiple forces.  These forces will vary by ages and stages…keeping our eyes on these moving parts, will help us promote health engagement and the engagement culture much more scrupulously. Focusing the engagement culture through health, just makes sense. We can almost interchange the words healthy and engaged, so let’s accomplish both.

The Kinetics of the Engagement Culture….Engagement Culture Best In Corporate Health
  1. Physiological…Endorphin = Endogenous Morphine – aka “runners High” physiologically feel a thrill from engagement
  2. Psychological: Adds meaning and a “feels right”   in our minds⇒our mind is happily immersed
  3. The Self: This fits the person I want to aspire to be. The drive toward self actualization
  4. Socially:  We are an important part of the pack – we are pack animals
  5. Emotional: Helps us feel balanced from the engagement.

    Feelings of purpose, pride, progress, connection, meaning, inspiration and loyalty

  6. Incentivizing: Appropriately Incentivizing will always support the journey to engagement
  7. Intellectual: We are doing this for good reason, it is healthy…..building health literacy is an important aspect of intellectual engagement
  8. Organizational: Time, integrating the behaviors we want to reinforce into our lives, comfortably and unobtrusively. Ultimately, these new behaviors will help our our flow, they are not going to interfere with my many demands and responsibilities
  9. Family: This engagement culture will carry over to my family – it will enhance and support family life, not make me feel like I have to choose between work and family. A 2014 employee engagement study found  respondents (89%)  would try a sustainability tactic at home that was introduced at work. The results emphasize how powerful the workplace can be in driving broader behavioral change and impact.
  10. Mood: We are all in better moods, because there is an engagement culture
  11. Competitive Edge: Healthy competition is an intrinsic motivator. Leverage it – corporate challenges are key to engagement!
  12. Consistently Evolving….No – Not an Oxymoron. Just like we should always shake up our exercise, keep engagement fresh, new & exciting
  13. Requited…Like a romantic drama, our commitment needs to be reciprocated
  14. Intrigue…A quest for more…..Intrigue keeps us coming back for more
  15. Fun: According to the 2016 Global Corporate Challenge, “The connection is clear: happy employees are high performing employees”

We can’t look for one almighty answer for engagement. Engagement tactics are also going to vary employee demographics – our reach and appeal needs to be flexible and adaptable. People above the age of 40 might be looking for more physiological cues – feeling better, not feeling so rusty getting up in the morning – where as those below thirty might be more engaged by the incentivizing, wearable technology, thrills……

Willis Tower’s Watson’s Global Benefits Attitude survey found that the 56% of employees believe their employer now has a role to play in helping them live healthier lifestyles and 3/5 employees view managing their health as a top priority in their life. Cultivating a culture of wellness is a cornerstone in the engagement culture.

Corporate health programs…what a wonderful way to affordably  make the world a happier, healthier place.

Shira Litwack, Corporate Program Designer
Shira Litwack – The Corporate Happy Place medical fitness professional, Cancer Exercise Specialist , Medical Exercise Specialist, Holistic Nutritionist

Chief Health Enthusiast – Best In Corporate Health

  • Shira is regularly consulted by Naturopaths, oncologists, health coaches on cancer exercise and exercise adherence.
  • Has assembled over 20 health and fitness professionals with varying specialties to bring to corporate wellness programs
  • Platforms include: Speaking, One-one/group health coaching, Retreats, Course development for in house delivery, Metrics to measure success available, Partners always included
  • Now offering live interactive webinars, just as if each participant has a personal health coach – making corporate wellness programs affordable to all.
  • Shira has been interviewed & published in hundreds of resources over the last 12 years:

Articles featured in:  European Registry of Exercise Professionals, The National Post, Investment Executive Magazine, Directory of Greater Toronto, Canadian Leukemia & Lymphoma Association, Prostate Cancer Canada, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Anytime Fitness, Today’s Black Woman, Today’s Seniors, Medical Fitness Network, FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered), Willow (Breast & Hereditary Cancer Support),Myeloma Canada, Cancer Exercise Training Institute, Urban Poling for Breast Cancer, ROW – Recovery on Water for Breast Cancer, Sirius XM Doctor Radio