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Risk Analytics with Wearable Devices

Employee Risk Analytics with Wearable Devices

Risk analytics with a wearable device…..who ever dreamed! Wearable devices have come a very long way from the $5 pedometer – but hey – they gave us a great start – a thirst to develop better technology to get active and monitor our health.

Risk analytics with wearable technology Best In corporate HealthEmployee risk analytics allows us to investigate and identify variables, here health risks, that jeopardize our employees’ health,  therefore, compromising productivity, engagement……….With the help of the analytics, we can design & help employees implement  focused, targeted, sustainable measures to reduce the risk, improve their health and the health of the company.

Physicians and insurance companies are using Predictive Analytics…..Predictive analytics (PA) uses technology and statistical methods to search through massive amounts of information, analyzing it to predict outcomes for individual patients. Predictions are made for individuals, not for groups. In our scenario, we want easily obtained, yet scientific accuracy to help our employees identify any potential health risks.


It is NEVER for us to diagnose – however, if we can provide accurate data to our health care professionals, it can go a very long way. 

Biomarkers are  the most objective, quantifiable medical signs modern laboratory science allows us to measure reproducibly.

Body temperature is an accepted biomarker for fever. Blood pressure is used to determine the risk of stroke, heart disease, and a neon light for the potential for the development of disease. Cholesterol, triglycerides are  biomarkers and risk indicators for coronary and vascular disease, and  C-reactive protein (CRP) is a marker for inflammation, a precursor to all of our chronic illnesses.

biomarkers of chronic illness Best In Corporate Health

The chronic illnesses I’ve included in this chart – as yes, they are health threats on their own,  can also lead to other chronic illnesses. These biomarkers together provide important  bioparameters to our health, and when monitored can provide vital data for our own predictive risk analytics. We can encourage dialogue with health care professionals,  help our employees become their own health advocate, design programs around these bioparameters, and yes of course improve the health of our company.

Getting real data, is a preemptive attack against disease.

We can encourage our employees to gather that data in a fun (call it….in style) way – wearable technology is the sport out there now. We encourage people using the universal language of today – technology – to be more proactive about their health.  And we can design our health coaching models around the results of this data, combined with an HRA

Now you have real risk data, and a real proactive, based in science, wellness solution. We are now encouraging our employees, with real time data, to seek help from their medical professionals, and are going to provide them the tools and education, motivation & inspiration needed to adopt better lifestyle choices and habits.

The Human Cloud at Work Study, amongst many other studies shows us the value of wearable technology in the workplace. Wearing wearable technology increases productivity, and plays a major role in the business environment. The wearable technology revolution is here to stay for a number of years.

According to eMarketer, nearly 40 million U.S. adults over 18 used wearable technology in 2015 — a jump of 57.7 percent over 2014. The usage of wearables is projected to hit 81.7 million adults by 2018.

ABI Research: 13 million wearable devices will be integrated into corporate wellness plans over the next five years. Wearables are perceived to offer encouragement to work toward better health, without appearing to be a requirement, and apparently, 44 percent of U.S. workers are already wearing them to work.

PwC study:  49% of respondents believe that the use of wearables in the workplace will help improve efficiency and increase productivity of employees. 67% of respondents expect that the company is willing to allocate some of its budget to purchase wearables that will support productivity.

Health Risk Analytics and Wearable Technology…Connecting the Dots:
  • risk analytics employee health Best In Corporate HealthIncentives increase success of a program
  • Health challenges in the workplace increase participation in the wellness program & camaraderie, promoting engagement and satisfaction
  • Monitoring our health increases  our motivation for a healthier lifestyle
  • Tracking biomarkers allows us to provide health care professionals valuable data
  • Tracking biomarkers is valuable data for the development of specific, targeted health programs
  • Employee health builds productivity and engagement
  • People are loving wearable devices
  • We have to make our dollars stretch. Combining employee health analytics, incentives, wellness programs, increasing engagement, health & productivity, employee satisfaction & loyalty, coaching…..all for less than cost of the wearable device.

Employers are dedicated to providing organization and structure to their company’s day to day operations, and to creating a positive work environment for employees. We have to stop with rear view wellness solutions, especially as employee demographics evolve. With the right wearable technology we can provide for proactive health  and chronic illness management, necessitated by the diversity of our workforce.  Wearable technology as incentives combined with customized wellness programs offers an endless  goldmine of opportunities for employee engagement, increased productivity, and enhanced safety.

Our chosen wearable technology also  features germanium plates. Research is showing us germanium can counteract the multiple attacks our body receives daily from our environment  contributing to oxidative stress, including removing toxins, strengthening the immune system, increasing circulation, oxygenation and restoring ionic balance.

Best In Corporate Health programs have incentives, HRA, CCA, wellness program, coaching, health challenges, reporting, sustainability, access to coaches experts in their field… all built into one clean, smooth package. Revolutionize your wellness solutions.

Health Risk Analytics wearable technology Best In Corporate Health


Corporate health programs…what a wonderful way to affordably  make the world a happier, healthier place. 

Shira Litwack, Corporate Program Designer
Shira Litwack – The Corporate Happy Place medical fitness professional, Cancer Exercise Specialist , Medical Exercise Specialist, Holistic Nutritionist

Chief Health Enthusiast – Best In Corporate Health

  • Shira is regularly consulted by Naturopaths, oncologists, health coaches on cancer exercise and exercise adherence.
  • Has assembled over 20 health and fitness professionals with varying specialties to bring to corporate wellness programs
  • Platforms include: Speaking, One-one/group health coaching, Retreats, Course development for in house delivery, Metrics to measure success available, Partners always included
  • Now offering live interactive webinars, just as if each participant has a personal health coach – making corporate wellness programs affordable to all.
  • Shira has been interviewed & published in hundreds of resources over the last 12 years:

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