Work Life Balance – Finding the Fit

Work Life Balance – Finding the Fit on Both Sides

Work Life Balance Employee Health Webinars Best In Corporate HealthWork life balance is the social challenge. It can be a great form of stress and anxiety, employee presenteeism, absenteeism….its a juggling act worthy of mastering. Current stats in North America, within 2 parent families, over 70% of families are dual income earning homes.

Work life balance goes far beyond a to do list and time management. Its emotional. Our families are always on our mind. Frequently there is guilt, a feeling of being divided – the mind is elsewhere.

Employee surveys show the definition of success in the workplace is evolving. Its not just about money and power….now the ability to find a positive work life balance is ranking at the top of the list for employee satisfaction.

The intent of technology is to make our lives easier, however,  it has annihilated the separation of work and home, companies now run 24/7. We now take the office home, no more leaving work at the office. We are permanently on call….taking work calls and emails while trying to manage our families.
A 2015 study by Ernst & Young polled 1200 employees from 8 countries around the world. 1/3 participants said work life balance is becoming more difficult. A study a few months earlier found that there was a large disconnect between human resources and employees.
67% of HR professionals said their employees had a good work life balance, where only 45% of the employees agreed with that, reporting that they had little time for a personal life.

The 2012 National Study on Balancing Work and Caregiving in Canada, which polled over 25,000 employees:

  • 2/3 of Canadians work over 45 hours/week
  • Represents a 50% increase in hours over the last 2 decades
  • Only 23% of Canadians are satisfied with life


We all know that a key part of employee productivity is …..happiness.
What goes into workplace happiness? Some common denominators….

  • health and fitness
  • reduced stress…a more relaxed work environment, laughter
  • social aspects…neuroscience shows us bonding at work to be an important variable to employee loyalty and dedication
  • a feeling of influence, contribution is appreciated
  • a sense of future stability and security
  • work life balance
  • workplace flexibility
  • providing benefits that will help them accomplish their goals

Work life balance is not just an issue between work and employee, there are a number of factors that can affect achieving this balance. Multi tasking can become overwhelming and people settle for “I am doing the best I can”. They might feel “who has time for health and fitness”….but we know factually it is a critical component. There will not be a perceived sense of balance while in the reactionary mode.

In achieving a work life balance it is the workplace culture AND the home culture that need to be honed. Single income families are becoming the major force, and 2 partnered families very often must have 2 working partners. Yes, the corporate culture needs to build in flexibility as a standard in employment, however, helping the employee to create a home culture that allows them to efficiently accomplish their life side of the equation is frequently missing. In analyzing the home culture, that can be further subdivided into 2 cultures…..

Work life balance requires a meeting of 3 cultures – the workplace culture, the culture within the employee, and the culture within their personal community


The 2 levels of the employee culture are necessary to assure satisfaction, balance and fit in the personal life…..and this is the aspect of work life balance that is far too often ignored. Personal happiness, allowing a symbiotic fit with the corporate culture.

As part of the Work Life Balance webinars and coaching we at Best In Corporate Health take employees through a process – helping them position themselves from a more empowered stance for that fit:

 •Evaluating the current personal situation: inventory of needs and challenges
Identify unknown happiness factors…….what do we need to balance that we might   not  be aware of
• Identifying destination and goals
• Strategizing ways to achieve balance based on the discovery and work place culture
• Identifying Support and flexible plans in both cultures

We are social beings. Very often our lives become robotic, which has deleterious effects on health, happiness, productivity and stress. A work life balance requires contribution from both work and personal lives. …Corporate symbiosis for the Corporate Happy Place!

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We look forward to customizing your employee wellness programs!

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