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Workplace Oxidative Stress…Huh?

Workplace oxidative stress – that missing link, the deeper dig.

Oxidative stress is at the root of all illness, behavioral and physical. The United States spends approximately $2.7 trillion on healthcare each year, and employers lose $225.8 billion in productivity due to health-related issues. However, most insurance claims involve preventable conditions, which means your healthcare costs could be reduced if you know which conditions to be aware of. We provide programs for disease prevention and management, obesity, diabesity, wellness…..  Keep digging – measure and mind workplace oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is defined as disequilibrium between oxidant generation and the antioxidant response, the imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. Free radicals are oxygen-containing molecules with an uneven number of electrons. Looking to become even, they swipe electrons from other molecules. These election thieves, free radicals, cause potentially fatal chemical reactions in the body because of their damage to other molecules. Extensive research during last two decades has revealed the mechanism by which continued oxidative stress can lead to chronic inflammation, which in turn could mediate most chronic diseases and cognitive function.

One of the many reasons we opt to eat healthier foods, “eat a rainbow” of fruits and vegetables, is to supply us with antioxidants. Great, however, we need to take a look at reducing our exposure to oxidative stressors. Another challenge…there are the known and unknown causes & exacerbating conditions of oxidative stress. 

  • lack of exercise, or too much exercise
  • lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle
  • endocrine disruptors
  • our diet…
  • alcohol, smoke (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • exposure to chemicals including cleaners, pesticides, environmental pollutants
  • lack of sleep, shift work
  • stress
  • issues within – gut health, immune function…

Workplace oxidative stress Employee Productivity through reduction of oxidative stressDNA oxidative damage from reactive oxygen species is a common type of damage faced by cells and  leads to many different mutations and problems in DNA. These range from lesions on DNA and breaks in DNA strands to faulty links and base gaps in sequences. Mutations in our DNA, DNA lesions, leads to chronic illness. A single change in the DNA of mitochondria — the cellular power plants that generate energy in all human cells — has been found to cause degenerative heart and muscle disease. Many DNA lesions have been identified. This research has allowed scientists to understand just how DNA oxidative damage is implicated in disease. These diseases range from neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease to cancers, depression, diabetes, autoimmune, a growing list with further research… In addition to its role in diseases, DNA oxidative damage has also been shown to play a part in necrosis of neurons, and the ageing process, ugh.


It has become extremely important to understand how repair systems work to prevent and treat oxidative damage to DNA in cells now that we know the damage that can occur when the systems are left unchecked or malfunctioning. Therefore, determining workplace oxidative stress – the oxidative load on our employees, and managing it – is ultimately how we are going to gain control of our health and healthcare costs, and the holy grail of focus, productivity and presenteeism.  

Shira Litwack, Corporate Program Designer
Shira Litwack, BSc, Corporate Wellness Specialist, Chronic Care recovery, medical exercise, holistic nutrition, addiction recovery

The supplement like a flu shot against oxidative stress…..

Why are we not controlling chronic illness? We must control the wildfire of inflammation and lower oxidative stress. We know oxidative stress is at the root of chronic illness such as cancer, heart disease, depression….We take a flu shot to prevent the flu – one simple supplement to lower your oxidative stress by as much as 40%.    7 patents, 24 peer reviewed studies on pubmed, accolades from American Heart Association, Mayo Clinic, National Institute on Aging….Washington State: “may well become the most extraordinary therapeutic and most extraordinary preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine.”

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Shira Litwack:  Corporate Wellness Specialist, Chronic Care prevention & management program design, health technologies, population health management on 3 continents….and yes, lowering workplace oxidative stress

There is an estimated 750 Billion dollars in U.S. health care waste every year. Our many technologies assure you are not contributing to that $750 billion. Health technology serving the continuum from prevention through chronic illness management. 

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